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Dumbest argument against illegal immigration ever

May 5, 2010

I just saw this classy blurb in one of my friends’ Facebook status updates:

You pass the North Korean border ILLEGALLY – you get 12 years hard labor. You pass the Afghan border ILLEGALLY – you get shot. You pass the American border ILLEGALLY – you get a job, driver’s license, allowance for a place to live, health care, education and billions of dollars spent so that you can read a document. We carry passports in other countries or face jail time. Repost this if you agree.

Um, do not agree.  I don’t want the United States of America to model any behavior on the North Korean or Afghan governments.

The same person joined the group “It’s not racism stupid! You are here ILLEGALLY!”  Seriously thinking about unfriending unless they can explain how the police in Arizona are going to determine who is an illegal immigrant if they don’t go on skin color, clothing, language, or occupational or cultural cues.

I don’t like people being in this country illegally either.  Undocumented immigrants are at risk for abuse, are sometimes afraid to seek medical care or police assistance, and are often underpaid and overworked by entities who can threaten them because of their status.  In my perfect world, we would be manning the borders to assist those seeking a better life rather than seize, detain and return them.  But then again, I’m not selfish and stingy and afraid.